USC's Quinton Powell plans to build on special teams recognition

USC linebacker Quinton Powell is looking to become an improved player in 2015

USC linebacker Quinton Powell is already working with an eye toward next season.

The sophomore from Florida is on a mission to add muscle and bulk.

“I’m doing my best to work out a lot and I’m putting forth my best effort to eat every second,” said the 6-foot-2, 200-pound Powell. “My intention is to be 215 going into spring and gain more if I need to and be ready for next season.”

Powell has 13 tackles, including two for losses.

Powell was a back-up on defense and a standout on special teams. At the team banquet this week, he was recognized as the Trojans’ special teams player of the year.

“It meant a lot,” he said. “Special teams is something that I had to take ownership of. It made me a leader.”

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