Steve Sarkisian quietly makes his way around L.A. to recruit

USC Coach Steve Sarkisian says using a helicopter to recruit in L.A. is more about efficiency than flash

Former USC coach Ed Orgeron and former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel liked to make an entrance.

Both were known to fly above Los Angeles in helicopters on Friday nights to recruit at multiple high school games.

USC Coach Steve Sarkisian told The Times he has flown by chopper around the city, too. 

But Sarkisian has not publicized it.

He said the mode of transportation was about efficiency, not flash. 

“It’s not always about being cool,” he said. “It’s about evaluating the kid for the right reasons and I think we’re doing that.”

Sarkisian said no helicopter would be needed on Friday night. 

He is scheduled to attend watch Pasadena Muir play at Los Angeles Cathedral and could make a second stop to watch Chino Don Lugo at Monrovia.

Muir defensive back Taeon Mason has committed to USC.

Monrovia features defensive back Octavius Spencer, who attended USC’s game against California on Thursday night at the Coliseum.

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