Framed, Chapter 1: She was the PTA mom everyone knew. Who would want to harm her?

Satire (genre)

Tom Wolfe skims the surfaces of 'Back to Blood'

Tom Wolfe skims the surfaces of 'Back to Blood'

Back to Blood
A Novel

Tom Wolfe
Little, Brown: 704 pp., $30

About a quarter of the way through Tom Wolfe's new novel, "Back to Blood," pornography addiction specialist Dr. Norman Lewis waits with his nurse (and mistress) Magdelena Otero to be interviewed by a "60 Minutes" crew. Norman is delirious at the prospect of his star turn — so much so that he becomes a bit, er, overstimulated.

"'Now — while they're at the door!' " he grunts at Magdalena, who responds, " 'No, Norman! Are you crazy? … There's no time!'"

For Wolfe, the scene offers an opportunity to push...