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Wallace Stegner
Book Review: 'To Be Sung Underwater' by Tom McNeal
Book Review: 'To Be Sung Underwater' by Tom McNeal

To Be Sung Underwater A Novel Tom McNeal Little, Brown: 436 pp., $24.99 You can often tell where a musician has trained or with whom a painter has learned technique. In the case of the European masters, art historians looking at a particular work can often trace the lineage to a region, a studio, a teacher. It is no different for literature — you get a whiff of John McPhee in the descriptive passages here, a bit of Ron Carlson in the mysterious interplay of humans and landscapes there, a smidgeon of Jayne Anne Phillips in the historic context, a taste of Raymond Carver in the curveballs or Gordon Lish's tough-love New York workshop style in the sentence structure or the...