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Invention and Innovation

All those office perks? They're ruining creativity.

All those office perks? They're ruining creativity.

It's a new year and that means new bean bag chairs. Chances are high that someone in your office — the Chief Innovation Officer, perhaps, or the Senior Motivational Poohbah — will decide that your firm is not innovative enough, not creative enough, for the year 2016. Action will be taken. Free meals and, of course, free coffee will be requisitioned. Consultants will be summoned. And bean bag chairs, the lovable symbol of the freewheeling workplace, will be ordered.

We are living in the Decade of Perks. Companies are falling over one another offering workers such goodies as squash courts, hoverboards, lap pools, nap zones, pet care and more. What began as a Silicon Valley fad has...

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