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Leo Burnett
'Morris the Cat' is back. Make room, 'Grumpy Cat.'
'Morris the Cat' is back. Make room, 'Grumpy Cat.'

Move over "Grumpy Cat." Morris, the original finicky feline and star of countless TV commercials, is back to take his place among digital "It Cat" contenders online. Created by Chicago-based Leo Burnett in 1969, Morris -- as cats do -- has had several lives as the spokescat for 9Lives cat food. The latest incarnation is a digital-only campaign with all the contemporary accoutrements: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, a blog and an interactive video, hoping to connect with cat fanciers online. "We wanted to reboot Morris for the older consumers who are very fond of him, but also bring him back in a way that's culturally relevant for today's...