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Friday's TV Highlights: 'Blue Bloods' on CBS

Friday's TV Highlights: 'Blue Bloods' on CBS

Customized TV Listings are available here:   Click here to download TV listings for the week of March 9-15, 2014 in PDF format This week's TV Movies     -------------------- SERIES Raising Hope Sabrina and Jimmy (Shannon Woodward, Lucas Neff) are worried when Hope (Baylie and Rylie Cregut) isn't saddened by the death of her pet fish in this new episode. 9:30 p.m. Fox Blue Bloods Danny and Baez (Donnie Wahlberg, Marisa Ramirez) search for violent game-playing teenagers who have been punching unsuspecting people — including a pregnant woman — in the head. 10 p.m. CBS Hannibal The people closest to Will (Hugh...