Alun Armstrong

'Penny Dreadful' recap: 'Abomination' puts demand on Frankenstein

'Penny Dreadful' recap: 'Abomination' puts demand on Frankenstein

An “abomination” brought back from the dead tracks down and places a demand upon his horrified creator in “Resurrection,” Episode 103 of Showtime’s supernatural thriller “Penny Dreadful.”

Flashbacks show how Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) reanimates a corpse (Rory Kinnear), witnesses the ghastly consequences and flees in terror.

Alone in the world, Frankenstein’s “monster” is befriended by Vincent Brand (Alun Armstrong), an oh-so-dramatic actor with the infamous Theatre du Grand Guignol.

Frightening audiences with plays full of “mayhem and malice,” Vincent and his troupe require a “stage rat” for behind-the-scenes work. And the grotesquely scarred creature...

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