Special Report: As a deadly superbug spread, UCLA doctors raced to find the source

Brendan Fehr

'The Night Shift,' NBC's new hospital drama, does no harm

"The Night Shift" is not, as you may have hoped, the long-awaited TV version of the 1982 Ron Howard morgue comedy, but rather a new hospital drama prescribed by NBC for your summer Tuesdays. In some ways, it is like a placebo, lacking substance, but not ineffective. In others, it is a kind of gaily packaged generic equivalent to some better-known brand. The setting is San Antonio Memorial Hospital, deep in the heart of Texas — home, we are told, of "the only trauma center in 10 counties." So we are going to be seeing a lot of trauma. And, as an occasional on-screen time stamp reminds us, reminding us of the series' title, we will be seeing it at night. ...