38 women have come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment

Bryan Greenberg

'Vice' is a cheap, unimaginative version of 'Blade Runner'

'Vice' is a cheap, unimaginative version of 'Blade Runner'

Dystopian sci-fi for dummies, director Brian A. Miller's "Vice" stars Bruce Willis as Julian Michaels, the mogul behind the titular pleasure palace, a resort where human-like "artificials" — mostly in the form of beautiful women — succumb to customers' depraved wishes in a moody nightclub-hotel atmosphere straight out of '90s late-night cable.

Stringy-haired rogue cop Roy (Thomas Jane) would love to shut it down, considering the spillover mayhem it generates. He gets his window when a circuit glitch makes blond artificial Kelly (Ambyr Childers) self-aware of the routine abuse she's endured (and erased by lab technicians every day). She takes off, igniting a...

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