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Charles Durning

'Viktor' a hackneyed avenging-dad action flick

'Viktor' a hackneyed avenging-dad action flick

The faux-noir potboiler "Viktor" is such a hackneyed jumble it could put an end to avenging-dads thrillers as we know them. That is, if anyone were to take it seriously.

But really, how can you? Watching the film's corpulent, 65-year-old star, Gérard Depardieu, play a brash killing machine who beds the likes of the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley is truly like entering some cinematic Bizarro world. Think Charles Durning as Dirty Harry.

Filmed entirely in Russia (where Depardieu gained citizenship last year), the movie involves Viktor Lambert (Depardieu), a French-born art thief and ex-con who returns to Moscow to requite the 3-month-old murder of his son,...

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