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Inside the Beltway with the residents of 'Alpha House'

Inside the Beltway with the residents of 'Alpha House'

As the cameras whirred, John Goodman read the paper at the kitchen table. Fellow actor Matt Malloy nervously washed dishes at the counter. A third performer, Mark Consuelos, scrolled though the morning's news on his tablet.

"Gil, did you know Sarah Palin attacked you ... on her channel last night?" Consuelos' character — like everyone else in the room, a politician — asked Goodman.

The burly actor said no, then, a moment later, replied with deadpan timing: "Sarah Palin has a channel?"

The exchange was part of an upcoming scene in "Alpha House," the low-key, inside-the Beltway comedy created by Garry Trudeau for Amazon's Hollywood...