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Clive Owen
Mike Nichols' incisive, touching films got personal
Mike Nichols' incisive, touching films got personal

When I watch the films of Mike Nichols, I see my children, my parents, family, friends, foes, life in all of its complexity. I see me. "The Graduate," "Heartburn," "Catch-22," "Silkwood" ... those are some of my favorite Nichols films. But what stays with me is not any one movie. Nor his influential creative force. Or even his singular voice. It's that quintessential Mike Nichols quality that radiates from the core of his work. He made it personal. His films touched so many of us because in the characters he chose and the actors he picked to give them voice, you could sense he knew us, heard us, was amused by us, championed us, loved us,...