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David Campbell
A man's castle, under code enforcement siege
A man's castle, under code enforcement siege

Bargain land and wide-open spaces drew Alan Kimble Fahey to Acton. A modest ranch house on a desert lot offered the outpost he sought. But then Fahey wanted to expand. So he began to build. And build. And build. Fahey built a barn and moved in. He traded his motorcycle for a trailer and painted it to look like a rail car. He bartered other possessions for a dump-truck load of rocks and a 60-foot workers' lift. Then he sank 108 utility poles a dozen feet into the hard-packed Antelope Valley ground. Reinforced steel beams came next. A giant tower began creeping skyward. A wing sprouted off the tower. Then another. Almost three decades later, Fahey, 59, a retired phone service...