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David Goyer

New Releases: A crackling visit with 'Frances Ha'

New Releases: A crackling visit with 'Frances Ha'

Frances Ha

Criterion Blu-ray, $39.95

Available on VOD beginning Nov. 12

Director Noah Baumbach's "Frances Ha" — co-written by star Greta Gerwig — is another story about an aging post-graduate who can no longer afford to be "fun," "free-spirited" and "irresponsible." Gerwig stars as Frances, a semi-professional dancer whose roommate moves in with somebody else, forcing Frances to crash on a series of couches while waiting for her dreams to come true. The main character is a too-common type, and Baumbach's use of black-and-white recalls a vintage Woody Allen film, but the movie is so, so funny, full of Baumbach's usual...