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David Kaye

Tame 'Color City' stays inside the lines

Tame 'Color City' stays inside the lines

Upbeat, neon-hued and innocuous, the children's computer-generated animation feature "The Hero of Color City" tries to do for Crayola crayons what "The Lego Movie" did for building sets and the "Toy Story" films did for all toys.

While a boy named Ben sleeps, his crayons return to their home in Color City to be groomed and have their brilliance restored. They're a standard assortment of types: brassy Noo-Yawkah Red (Rosie Perez), athletic Blue (Wayne Brady), Eeyore-esque Black (David Kaye) and timorous Yellow (Christina Ricci).

Everything frightens Yellow, and her overreactions lead two unfinished drawings, King Scrawl (David Kaye, again) and...

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