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Movie review: 'Rushlights' is a con job on every level

Movie review: 'Rushlights' is a con job on every level

"Rushlights" is a ludicrously florid indie noir about a guy, a girl and an inheritance con that rarely plays like anything more than an extended re-enactment one might find on a basic cable true-crime show.

Starting with a flirtatious exchange between handsome schemer Billy (Josh Henderson) and Sarah (Haley Webb), a waitress with a drug problem, director/co-writer Antoni Stutz sends the pair to a tiny Texas town where Sarah fools a lawyer (Aidan Quinn) into believing she's the heir to a recently killed local businessman's gothic estate.

Trouble follows, in the form of a suspicious sheriff (Beau Bridges), some naughty family secrets and a vengeful, sadistic dealer...

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