India Eisley

Even with Samuel Jackson, 'Kite' fails to take off

Even with Samuel Jackson, 'Kite' fails to take off

The dippy dystopian action film "Kite" isn't bad because Samuel L. Jackson is in it, but the ubiquitous star's umpteenth phoned-in badass is certainly an indication of how inconsequential the whole enterprise is.

Adapted from a Japanese anime, the film makes available for your fetishistic approval a baby-faced, dewy-eyed teenager named Sawa (India Eisley) with a drug addiction, dead parents, one friend (Jackson, as her cop dad's ex-partner) and a vengeful thirst for slaughtering the henchmen of a child-slavery cartel run by a figure called the Emir.

Director Ralph Ziman struggles mightily to weave hot-girl assassin shtick, trendy exploitation style and future-shock...

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