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An oblivious 'Longest Week' quickly wears out its welcome

An oblivious 'Longest Week' quickly wears out its welcome

In "The Longest Week," veteran commercial director Peter Glanz channels the sensibility of Wes Anderson on a set that evokes Woody Allen's opulent Uptown Manhattan, but the lack of originality is far from the film's biggest sin.

Jason Bateman stars as Conrad Valmont, an ambitionless hotel heir who has been reared by the housekeeping staff in a cushy suite. The sudden split between his parents leaves him cut off and displaced, but that's apparently not enough to slow down his merry-go-round of women, parties, therapy and drinking — or to diminish his sense of entitlement. Conrad crashes with self-made artist pal Dylan (Billy Crudup) and proceeds to lure away his romantic...

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