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Book review: 'House of Holes' by Nicholson Baker
Book review: 'House of Holes' by Nicholson Baker

House of Holes A Book of Raunch Nicholson Baker Simon & Schuster: 262 pp., $25 Nicholson Baker wasn't kidding when he subtitled "House of Holes," his new novel, "A Book of Raunch." Indeed, it's a bona fide filth-fest, so unrelentingly graphic that there's not much I can quote from it in this review. At the same time, there's an innocence to "House of Holes," which is (if such a thing is possible) a dirty book without prurience, intended less to titillate than to amuse. In that sense, it's a throwback, not only to "Vox" and "The Fermata," Baker's sex books of the 1990s, but also to an era —...