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Another Year (movie)
Mike Leigh explains what was 'terrifying' about filming 'Mr. Turner'
Mike Leigh explains what was 'terrifying' about filming 'Mr. Turner'

He could be uncouth, gruff, blustery, even crude, treating people badly and denying his children. Yet he painted some of the most sublime works ever created, and it is that contrast that made the celebrated 19th century British artist J.M.W. Turner a man Mike Leigh has wanted to make a film about for close to 20 years. "I always thought Turner was really extraordinary, he anticipates 20th century art and certainly the Impressionists," the director says, relaxing at a garden table in what has to be one of the few quiet spots in this hectic town. "Plus it just seemed to me that this tension between the personal, this eccentric, obsessive individual, and the epic, spiritual...