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Barbershop (movie)

Ice Cube's hot Hollywood career

Ice Cube's hot Hollywood career

"I'm straight outta Compton," Queen Latifah cheerfully exclaims in an introductory scene from the action-comedy "22 Jump Street."

Pointing at Ice Cube — who plays her glowering spouse (a police boss whose primary function seems to be ridiculing and shouting down the movie's stars, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, in every scene) — the MC-turned-actress adds almost apologetically: "He's from Northridge."

It's one of a number of sly, inside jokes in "22 Jump Street" — the sequel to Hill and Tatum's hit 2012 adaptation of the cultishly popular Fox TV series "21 Jump Street" — that directly reference Ice Cube's ancillary career. That...