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Movie review: Undead in East End in 'Cockneys vs. Zombies'

Movie review: Undead in East End in 'Cockneys vs. Zombies'

You don't call a movie "Cockneys vs. Zombies" because you yearn for cinematic subtlety. Matthias Hoene's feature film debut is the umpteenth infection in the undead epidemic rampaging through pop culture. And it's all that the title implies: brash East Enders gone Mum and Dad over a right goppin' bunch of flesh-eatin' nutters, whose Khybers need kickin', mind you!

You don't need a cockney rhyming slang dictionary, however, to grasp that young bank robbers Andy (Harry Treadaway), Terry (Rasmus Hardiker), and Katy (Michelle Ryan) suddenly find themselves in the midst of a zombie outbreak (for which their guns prove handy). Or that besieged old age pensioners — including...

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