Grease (movie)
Fox to get into live musical game with 'Grease'
Fox to get into live musical game with 'Grease'

Fox is joining NBC in the live musical event business with its own production of "Grease," expected to air sometime in 2015. The network is calling it "Grease Live" as a working title, but the three-hour production will take the 1971 Broadway musical (and the 1978 movie) and recast it with a brand-new ensemble cast. The musical is set at the fictional Rydell High School in the 1950s and follows working-class teenagers as they fall in and out of love. The film version is notable for the pairing of John Travolta as the greaser Danny and Olivia Newton-John as the new girl in school, Sandy. NBC took a gamble last year with its live production of "The Sound of...