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Hoop Dreams (movie)
Chaz Ebert reflects on her late husband, Roger
Chaz Ebert reflects on her late husband, Roger

The documentary "Life Itself" is about the life, career, death and legacy of film critic Roger Ebert but, as the title implies, also much more. It is about the role of work and love and passion and ideas in the living of one's life, all the things that come together to make each of us who we are. An adaptation of Ebert's 2011 memoir of the same name — a New York Times review called it "the best thing Mr. Ebert has ever written" — the movie is directed by fellow Chicagoan Steve James, whose earlier film "Hoop Dreams" Ebert wildly championed. "Life Itself," which opens in Los Angeles on July 4 and will be available on demand, is...