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Mirror, Mirror (movie)
'Maleficent': How does the fairy-tale update stack up?
'Maleficent': How does the fairy-tale update stack up?

Hollywood loves a good fairy tale, and it's easy to see why: The stories are time-tested and widely known, they're in the public domain, and the fantastical elements provide fodder for the eye-popping visuals that drive tent-pole movies these days. When such movies connect with audiences, they can rake in huge returns, but there's no guarantee of a happy ending. So how does Angelina Jolie's new Sleeping Beauty take, "Maleficent," which opened to a robust $69 million and mixed reviews over the weekend, stack up against recent live-action updates of classic fairy tales? Pretty well, it seems. Looking at the past five years, "Maleficent" is already...