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Pieta (movie)

Review: 'Pieta's' vengeance tale shows capitalism's cruel side

Review: 'Pieta's' vengeance tale shows capitalism's cruel side

South Korean provocateur Kim Ki-duk's new film "Pieta," about a cold, wraith-like loan-shark enforcer in a poverty-stricken village, is expectedly gruesome in some of its details. But it's the explicitness about capitalism's emotional wreckage that gives this micro-budgeted drama a gut-punch heft.

Kang-do (Lee Jung-jin, working a thousand-yard stare) slaps, breaks, tortures and cripples the desperate small-time machinists of cramped, industrial Cheonggyecheon who owe his boss money. But when a mysterious older woman (Cho Min-soo) shows up at his door, begging forgiveness for abandoning him as an infant, the possibility of redemption upends Kang-do, opening the door for a...