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Piranha 3D (movie)

'The Pyramid' without a point: Horror flick disappoints

'The Pyramid' without a point: Horror flick disappoints

Dumped into theaters with little fanfare, "The Pyramid" didn't screen in advance for critics -- not a good sign, especially for a film whose producers include French horror-meister Alexandre Aja (director of "Piranha 3D" and the "The Hills Have Eyes" remake).

What little you've seen in TV spots makes "The Pyramid" nearly indistinguishable from the summer flick "As Above, So Below": Antediluvian evil is unleashed by unsuspecting explorers deep underground.

Father and daughter archaeologists Miles and Nora Holden (Denis O'Hare and Ashley Hinshaw) discover and excavate a unique triangular-based pyramid in the Egyptian desert...

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