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'108 Stitches' strikes out in nearly every way possible

'108 Stitches' strikes out in nearly every way possible

"108 Stitches," named for the number of red stitches on a regulation Major League baseball, is a fatally clueless, painfully overlong sports spoof. A kind of "Bad News Bozos," it tells the sloppy, ham-fisted story of a barrel-bottom Utah college baseball team with a single afternoon to reverse its misfortunes or face extinction.

In theory, there's nothing wrong with that set-up. But in the hands of director David Rountree, who co-wrote the flabby, puerile script with Jake Katofsky, the result is a mishmash of absurd plotting, paper-thin characters and an utter lack of filmmaking discipline.

This movie, which plays like 1970s drive-in fodder, is also...

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