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Teen trauma drama chases 'White Rabbit' down a hole

Teen trauma drama chases 'White Rabbit' down a hole

The first glimpse of Harlon, Nick Krause's character in "White Rabbit," is one of foreboding: malevolent stare, blackened eye, vampire pallor. The rural drama steps back to trace his degeneration from sensitive child to shotgun-toting teen.

For Harlon, equal parts undiagnosed mental illness and bad-seed Americana, the increasingly desperate story plays out episodically. He's bullied at school and at home, friendless but for a fellow outsider (Ryan Lee) and haunted by a childhood rite of passage, his first time hunting.

He has recurring hallucinations of the bunny that his dissolute father (Sam Trammell) forced him to shoot — not just at close range but with an...

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