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Three Sisters (movie)

Mikhail Baryshnikov makes a 'Case' for restless creativity

Mikhail Baryshnikov makes a 'Case' for restless creativity

NEW YORK — Mikhail Baryshnikov's earliest experience in the theater began when he was a child of just 4 or 5 in present-day Latvia, then a part of the Soviet Union. His mother, a Russian speaker unfamiliar with the local tongue, would drag along her young son to play interpreter.

Now, after a career in dance, film and television, he's performing the title role in "Man in a Case," a multimedia adaptation of two short stories by Anton Chekhov running April 24 through May 10 at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica.

It's merely the latest dramatic adventure for the dancer, who began to dabble in a side career as an actor shortly after defecting to the West and...