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'Ayanda' needs tuneup despite vibrant South African setting

'Ayanda' needs tuneup despite vibrant South African setting

"Ayanda" revolves around the attempts by a spirited 21-year-old furniture maker (Fulu Moguvhani) to come up with a get-rich-quick business model to salvage her late father's service garage.

Director Sara Blecher spruces up the generic premise with a vibrant South African backdrop and a multiethnic cast of characters. Photographer Anthony Bila plays himself, drawing confessionals out of men and women on the street who pose for him — a device to frame the narrative. (This achieves the same kind of exoticism you see in Melina Matsoukas' music video for Solange's "Losing You.") But the film's mostly folksy soundtrack constantly tugs at you as a reminder that...