Warlords (movie)

Movie review: 'Shaolin'

Movie review: 'Shaolin'

"Shaolin," with its feuding warlords and fighting monks in '20s era China, is a sprawling popcorn blast of action kept spinning with crazy cool kung fu, tons of fake spurting blood (I think everyone had a packet clinched in their teeth) and slacker improvised, or inspired, U.S. subtitles.

How else to explain the warlord who growls at his No. 2, "You just don't get the drift…" while he's choking him. Maybe to death.

This is, however, exactly the drift you can expect when Hong Kong action impresario Benny Chan, with 20-plus very energetic fighting flicks under his black belt, is in charge. The director has never met a battle sequence he didn't want to...

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