Young Frankenstein (movie)

'Young Frankenstein' has new life on 40th anniversary

'Young Frankenstein' has new life on 40th anniversary

Director Mel Brooks spent a lot of money on white handkerchiefs while making his 1974 tour de farce, "Young Frankenstein."

"I gave everybody in the crew a white handkerchief," said the 88-year-old comedy legend during a recent phone interview. "I said, 'When you feel like laughing, put this in your mouth.' Every once in a while, I'd turn around and see a sea of white handkerchiefs, and I said, 'I got a hit.'"

"Young Frankenstein" was more than a hit. It is a comic masterpiece.

Shot in glorious black-and-white, the comedy managed to be both a spoof and a loving homage to the Universal horror films — 1931's "Frankenstein"...

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