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'Wonderland' vividly captures a rocker's comeback struggle
'Wonderland' vividly captures a rocker's comeback struggle

The definitive great American rock 'n' roll novel has mostly eluded writers, despite worthy attempts by Don DeLillo ("Great Jones Street"), Scott Spencer ("The Rich Man's Table"), William Gibson ("Idoru") and Zachary Lazar ("Sway"). What fictional musician is as memorable as Keith Richards? Stacey D'Erasmo's exquisite "Wonderland" meets this challenge and succeeds, not through bombast but with beautifully measured, understated writing and meticulous characterization. The author of three previous novels, D'Erasmo has previously written about artists in "The Sky Below," but "Wonderland's" narrator, Anna Brundage, is so beautifully realized that I wanted to download her music on iTunes....