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Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al Yankovic meets J.K. Simmons and 'Whiplash'
Weird Al Yankovic meets J.K. Simmons and 'Whiplash'

Who should any musician who wants to be at his or her best call to help prepare for an impending tour? Why, Oscar winner J.K. Simmons, of course. Weird Al Yankovic has posted a video in which he appears to interact with Simmons in one of the pivotal scenes exemplifying why Simmons just won the Academy Award for supporting actor for his role as the unrelenting music teacher in “Whiplash.” Yankovic explains that he wants to be "perfect" for his forthcoming Mandatory World Tour. He gets more than he bargained for, however, when he turns to Simmons for coaching. But rather than trying to play the drums, Yankovic trots out his trusty accordion in hopes...