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Paul Ben-Victor

Mob movie 'By the Gun' misses its mark

Mob movie 'By the Gun' misses its mark

A strong contender for laziest mob movie ever made, the Boston-set Italian mafia tale "By the Gun" proves that what was once thrillingly exotic and coolly dangerous about gangster films is now hopelessly monotonous.

Ben Barnes, alternating between DeNiro, Pacino and Caan wiseguy tics, stars as Nick, a brash, young North End mobster wannabe. Nick can't wait to be a made man under aging boss Sal (Harvey Keitel on autopilot), even though it goes against everything Nick's father (Paul Ben-Victor) wants for him.

Much is made in "By the Gun" of changing times for crime syndicates, with Nick and his loose cannon buddy George (Slaine) denigrating the old timers...