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Paul Haggis
To 'Reach Me,' sift through the jumble
To 'Reach Me,' sift through the jumble

To not know where a movie is headed can be a good thing in this age of rampant predictability. But if that feeling stems from a sense that the movie has no clue what it is, you're in trouble. Writer-director John Herzfeld's "Reach Me" — about the effect a reclusive author's self-help book has on a variety of mostly angry, bitter or violent characters who converge in Los Angeles — is a genuinely odd bird. With a patchwork ensemble made up of Sylvester Stallone (Andrew Breitbart-like blogger), Tom Berenger (the author), Kyra Sedgwick (ex-con/aspiring designer), Danny Aiello (priest), Omari Hardwick (hit man), Kevin Connolly (journalist), Thomas Jane...