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Ray Park

Review: 'Jinn' a watchable but convoluted frightfest

Review: 'Jinn' a watchable but convoluted frightfest

Despite OK visual effects, a few chills and some newfangled movie monsters, writer-director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad's supernatural thriller "Jinn" often feels like half of an old grindhouse double bill. It's a watchable if rather convoluted effort.

The titular jinn, according to Eastern mythology, are one of three races created "In the beginning…" (the other two are man and angels). Conveniently — for a horror film, anyway — the mysterious jinn are nothing if not flexible. These time- and shape-shifting beings can be good or bad, peaceful or violent, invisible or in your face (at times, they resemble upright fireplaces). Whatever, you want them on your...