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'We want to escape but we fear the sea': Exile in Eqypt

Robert Richardson

Essential California: Courting LAX's wealthy passengers

Good morning. It is Saturday, Aug. 15. Here’s what you don’t want to miss this weekend: #mailchimp-subscribe { font:14px Georgia,Serif; line-height: 30px;} Subscribe to the newsletter Top stories New city: N.W.A made Compton famous, but it also made the city synonymous with violence and gang crimes. That history is being revisited in the new film “Straight Outta Compton,” but Mayor Aja Brown wants people know that it’s just that -- history. Today, the city is safer and it is attracting businesses that once refused to open there. “People think of Compton as a very dangerous place. But when we look at the statistics and the feel of the city and we talk...