Framed, Chapter 2: 'I will get you': How a PTA mom became the target of a revenge campaign

Scott Derrickson

'Sinister 2' can't quite capture the original's menace

'Sinister 2' can't quite capture the original's menace

The horror sequel "Sinister 2" revisits the concept of a family-slaughtering demon with a hold over children and a penchant for grainy films of the killings. But now that we know the story's grim logic, the first film's quietly haunted uncertainties — and Ethan Hawke's sturdy portrayal of a selfish, befuddled true crime writer wracked by grisly voyeurism — are sorely missed.

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This time, the doomed house is in rural Illinois, and the family in peril is a mother (Shannyn Sossamon)...