Puppy Bowl (tv program)
Animal Planet's 'Puppy Bowl' hits ratings high
Animal Planet's 'Puppy Bowl' hits ratings high

It looks like Animal Planet is barking up the right tree after all. The 10th annual "Puppy Bowl," a 12-hour marathon consisting of a two-hour broadcast played six times in a row, dug up its best viewership numbers yet on Sunday.   The highly publicized canine competition got a total of 13.5 million viewers to tune in over the 12-hour stretch.  PHOTOS: Cable versus broadcast ratings During the first airing, from 3 to 5 p.m., the show drew an audience of 3.3 million, 24% better than last year's comparable "Puppy Bowl" airing. It also beat everything else on cable. As expected, the "Puppy Bowl" was big on social media, where cute...