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Coachella: Stars are fashion brands' ticket in
Coachella: Stars are fashion brands' ticket in

This spring, Lana Del Rey's stylist, a hirsute Brit who goes by the moniker Johnny Blueeyes, ventured to the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles to pick out free things for his client. When he arrived at the showroom of Chic Little Devil, a style house that handles publicity for 75 brands, a handful of pricey items had been laid out before him. An employee directed his attention toward a $1,100 pair of black studded leather boots handmade in Mexico by a company called Old Gringo. "Old Gringo would seriously love to be on Lana," Kate Bedrick, CLD's director of public relations, said she told the musician's stylist. "Feel free to take them. We already researched her sizing, so it's...