Book review: 'Cul de Sac Golden Treasury'
Book review: 'Cul de Sac Golden Treasury'

Cul de Sac Golden TreasuryA Keepsake Garland of ClassicsRichard ThompsonAndrews McMeel: 200 pp., $16.99 paperPundits have long predicted the imminent death of the comic strip, even before the Internet threatened to put the daily newspaper on the endangered species list. But Richard Thompson's delightfully quirky "Cul de Sac" proves the comic strip remains a viable art form while bucking current trends. It's not an exercise in merchandising, niche marketing or political ax-grinding. It features no boob fathers or saccharine life lessons. In an era of threadbare strips cranked out by second- and third-generation artists, its characters are as original as its artwork."Cul de Sac"...