'Siddharth' exposes India's tragic, dark truths
'Siddharth' exposes India's tragic, dark truths

Hope is an open wound in "Siddharth," the story of a man's search for his missing son. Taking his inspiration from the firsthand account of a father who was already a year into such a search, writer-director Richie Mehta has made a film of subdued but mounting panic and grief — an unsentimental portrait of poverty in contemporary India and of a benighted man's efforts to understand the world beyond his workaday struggles. Rajesh Tailang plays Mahendra, who plies his trade as a chain-wallah, repairing zippers for passersby on the streets of Delhi. Having been told of an opportunity for extra income, he puts his 12-year-old son on a bus to the neighboring state of Punjab for a month's work...