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Irina Shayk

Versace rethinks athleisure styles for spring 2017

Versace rethinks athleisure styles for spring 2017

What? Didn’t peg Donatella Versace for the athletic type? She’s more invested in the sports world than one might assume. She hits the gym, at least according to Instagram, where she recently posted a few photos of herself midworkout on a Pilates reformer, as well as bikini shots to flaunt the fruits of her labor. No less an athletic phenom than Serena Williams was the lone VIP at Versace’s spring show, a celebration of female strength and power through a collection fueled by activewear.

Surely sporty, performance-inspired dressing isn’t new in fashion. Hello, ath-leisure, a silly word turned serious business. Yet Versace is confident in the style’s staying power, and very aware of...