Antonio Villaraigosa

Former mayors split over how to run L.A.

Former mayors split over how to run L.A.

Richard Riordan grumbled to two other former Los Angeles mayors on Thursday about the traffic clogging his Brentwood neighborhood. “How long does it take to get to downtown L.A. to go to the theater at night?” he asked.

“If you take the subway, it will take about 25 minutes,” Antonio Villaraigosa joked, recalling his thwarted ambition to build a “subway to the sea.”

James K. Hahn, who moved to Santa Monica after leaving office, recommended the Expo Line: “That’s the way to go, Dick. Don’t take your car.”

The three former L.A. mayors gathered on a UCLA stage Thursday night to share thoughts on running the city. Together, their terms spanned two decades marked by the...