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David Ulin's favorite books of 2010
David Ulin's favorite books of 2010

FAVORITE BOOKS Here, in alphabetical order by title, are the 10 books that, over the last 12 months, most moved, inspired or beguiled me: my favorite books of 2010. "About a Mountain" by John D'Agata (W.W. Norton: 236 pp., $23.95). Willfully blurring the line between reportage and essay, truth and construction, this beautiful book uses the saga of Yucca Mountain, nuclear waste and the history of Las Vegas to frame a searing meditation on uncertainty and time. "Almost Dead" by Assaf Gavron (HarperPerennial: 328 pp., $14.99 paper). A black comedy about suicide bombing, written with a deft and telling eye. Narrated, in turn, by an Israeli and a Palestinian, this...