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Ashy storm-petrels breed at Santa Catalina Island
Ashy storm-petrels breed at Santa Catalina Island

Tyler Dvorak was lying in slippery guano and smiling as his flashlight shined on a telltale shape in a crevice near the top of Ship Rock, which rises sheer and stark from the sea about a mile off the coast of Santa Catalina Island. It was an ashy storm-petrel sitting on an egg. The finding confirmed that the 30-foot-high rock is a breeding site for the rare nocturnal seabird, which in turn accounted for Dvorak’s upbeat mood while lying in guano earlier this month. “Now that we that know they are there, we can focus our attention on monitoring this tiny population to learn more about the species,” said Dvorak, a wildlife technician at the Catalina Island Conservancy,...