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The Times' Major League Baseball rankings
The Times' Major League Baseball rankings

Zach Helfand ranks Major League Baseball's 30 teams. Statistics are through Friday's games. 1. DETROIT: Max Scherzer who? Shane Greene hasn’t given up a run in 16 innings so far this season. 2. KANSAS CITY: Royals didn’t get much love in predictions, but they apparently didn’t get the message. Must’ve been a text. 3. ST. LOUIS: Rebounded from a sluggish start and are now right on track to beat the Dodgers in the playoffs. 4. BOSTON: Hanley Ramirez, a career .300 hitter, is batting just .233 — with four home runs in 10 games. 5. DODGERS: They’re looking really good, you know, as long as Adrian Gonzalez keeps hitting .550 for the rest...